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Your Life Is a Classroom for Spiritual Development and Self-Transformation


The Clarion Way is the embodiment of the philosophical teachings of The Soul and Service Trilogy. The Trilogy provides the foundational teachings of the Institute for the Advancement of Service evolved by Susan S. Trout, PhD over the many years since the Institute's founding in 1980.

The Clarion Way teachings are now available online for individuals who wish to study The Soul and Service Trilogy.

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The Clarion Way


The curriculum is designed for serious students who are prepared to address their own soul development in order to provide the soul-inspired service and leadership so urgently needed in this transformational time of our planet's history.

Are you being called by the urgency of our time to serve from a place of wholeness? To lead consciously from a state of inner balance? To work harmoniously with and in groups towards a shared purpose?

Students will come to view their service and leadership as a classroom for spiritual development and self-transformation. By viewing it in this way, service and leadership become a means of purification, removing obstacles to the awareness of one’s true nature. This deep work stirs conscious connections with the soul and animates one’s life with true richness.

The Clarion Way Courses are conducted via email and phone or video conferencing (i.e., Skype). Courses range from introductory to advanced levels, are of differing lengths, and include the unique element of one-on-one faculty support.

The new reality opening to us is an era of conscious leaders and conscious groups. This era promises to imbue the world with an energy that unites masculine mind (clarity, order, practicality, knowledge, and words) with feminine heart (cooperation, beauty, synthesis, connectedness, poetry, art, and tenderness). We awaken by deepening and unifying our inner lives. Then, as awakened leaders and groups, we can transform our organizations and communities so that they truly support their members and those they serve. ~ Susan S. Trout, PhD, The Clarion Call


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The Soul and Service Trilogy

by Susan S. Trout

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