Reflections of a Wisdom Gatherer

What does it mean to serve "through God's eyes"?

Wisdom Gatherers inspire and challenge us by shedding light on the limitations and possibilities of our perspective and guiding us to think, feel, and live in a freer, less constrained way. With humility, Wisdom Gatherers learn from their experiences and from observing the experiences of others. They cherish the privilege of learning from the teachings of their mistakes and their physical and emotional pain. Wisdom Gatherers share what they learn in service with inhabitants of our beloved spiritual classroom known as Planet Earth. With humility, I accept the rigorous and sacred work of wisdom gathering and treasure the opportunity to share some of the wisdom I have gained thus far. I extend blessings to all as we welcome the year 2017.

Our lives on Planet Earth are not rehearsed before we are born. Rather, we find ourselves performing acts and acting scenes that are unwritten until we step into them. It is up to us to write the play of our life, and to act it out with creativity, integrity, thoughtfulness, and commitment.

For most of us, our way in life is not immediately apparent. Instead, we are invited to ascend the steep mountain of life that we are destined to climb, one small step at a time.

When I was in the midst of a life crisis that spanned many years, a trusted friend said to me, “Susan, someday you will look back on this crisis and remember it as the golden gift it was intended to be. You will view your experience from a totally different point of view – not from pain and despair, but from the depth of wisdom you gained and from the doors that subsequently opened for you, doors that allowed you to serve others in a genuine way.” In time, I came to see that my friend was absolutely right.

I would not be who I am today had I not had many "kicks" in the you-know-where, kicks that shifted my perception of what happened TO me to what happened FOR me. Regardless of the traumas, disappointments, and confusions we face in our lives, we can eventually choose to reframe them as a powerful impetus to serve our soul’s evolution.

The only time my physical and emotional pain has ever subsided is when I have been engaged in meaningful service. I somehow move to a different vibration – a vibration that exists beyond the pain. Meaningful service emanates from the heart and can be as simple as smiling at a grumpy clerk or as complex as heading a large company.

My Dad was a constant corrector. When I was an adult, he told me that when I was five years old, I asked him to “stop correcting me because I have to learn from my mistakes.” He said I was so emphatic and adult when I said this that I scared him. Obviously, he had deep feelings about this.  I have had to re-remember the truth of self-responsibility many times throughout my life.

We are not only products of our parents and home life. Our development is molded as much by deprivation as by nurturance. When our soul is determined to evolve, it will find a way to take what we are given, no matter how devastating, and see it is a gift that has been offered to us to use for healing and growth. Delineating the ups and downs of our life enables us to see how we can transform the obstacles into gifts. As we reflect on the events of our life and how they affected us at the time, we discover the meaning behind both positive and negative memories. No experience in life is wasted. Unexpected obstacles in our lives teach us about the human psyche and its need for healing – and thus how to turn rocks to fertile soil.

We believe in others because others believed in us. My family heritage and focus on the practical has given me the stamina and organizational skills to bring into reality the application of universal psychological and spiritual concepts. By pushing against the traditional, I broke out of conventionality and discovered that by nature I am multidisciplinary, metaphysical, most at home in Eastern spiritual traditions, and more a resident of the world than of one specific place. I know I can do more if I have a vibration of love in the world rather than one of separation or polarization.

Patience provides the wisdom to do the right thing at the right time, in the right way, and for the right reason. Impatience impedes wisdom gathering SIGNIFICANTLY.

What does it mean to serve “through God’s eyes”?  Perhaps it is not what we do that matters but the love and gratitude with which we do it.

The highest service that any one of us can give to another is to discover and learn to live a life that SHOWS ANOTHER WAY and that encourages others to show another way.

Each of us is blessed with the presence of an Angelic Being, a Being given to us by God.  This Angelic Being goes by various names, including Solar Angel, Guardian Angel, Higher Self, and God’s Representative. I refer to this Being as my Solar Angel.  Located about eight inches above the head, the Solar Angel’s energy extends down through the crown of our head into our heart.

Our Solar Angel protects, guides, teaches, and inspires us so that we evolve into the person we are intended to be: spiritual being having a physical experience – a human being with a potential for having a precious life, a life defined by purpose, integrity, love, peace, creativity, and appreciation. Our Solar Angel communicates to us through thought impressions, dreams, words, and unexpected, or synchronistic, events. Our Solar Angel is never judgmental or critical and does not impose its will on us. We may refer to our Solar Angel as a she or he.

Our Solar Angel knows us better than we know ourselves. She knows what we have and have not yet learned about living a purposeful life. She knows what would enable us to live our life completely and well through service to humanity, animals, and nature. When we make a mistake, she reframes our mistake by saying, “now that you went that way, let’s see what you have learned and if your choices and actions can still bring you good fruit.”

Synchronistic events give us experiences that guide us, awaken us, and alert us to how we can live a fulfilling and meaningful life. We know destiny is calling us when we learn to listen, to wait, to be patient, to watch, to be present, to have an open heart, to listen to life, and to find the real story of our life – a life unlike the kind we see on TV, the news, the movies, or the internet. Synchronicity supports the emergence of our destiny through events that occur in the right way and for the right reason. SLOWING DOWN is essential if we wish to recognize and benefit from synchronistic events.

The breadth and depth of our soul is not always readily visible to us. Yet we stand strong, like a tree, nurtured by genial sunshine and fed by amiable rain. We thrive even when buffeted by roaring winds and hair-raising storms. Our strong and deep roots support us and our soul coaxes us to reach heavenward to the Light in times of calm as well as moments of adversity.

Although we may stand supported and encouraged in the company of others, our destiny, like our birth and death, is a solo journey. Of course, we always have our Solar Angel standing with us, gently supporting us and cheering us on. Our soul’s vision is to share the fruits of our personal growth with joy and enthusiasm on behalf of humanity’s potential.



Start a journal to nurture the gift of reflecting on wisdom you have gathered in your life. 

Explore the "golden gifts" you've been given for healing and growth, and how you have turned these rocks into fertile soil – or how you still may today.


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