Susan S. Trout, PhD, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Susan Trout

Susan Trout, PhD, has focused her life on a single purpose – to understand service as a way to live in harmony with the soul’s true nature. As a result, the teachings within her seminal work, The Soul and Service Trilogy, synthesize universal spiritual teachings, psychological and neurological research, inner revelation, and practical application. Susan writes and teaches worldwide about service, leadership, soul development, and group life.

Susan co-founded and pioneered the Institute for the Advancement of Service, in Washington, DC in 1980.  Its school of thought is known as
The Clarion Way – the name given to the collective teachings of The Soul and Service Trilogy. As Director of The Clarion Way Programs, Susan now dedicates her efforts to sharing the transformative teachings of The Soul and Service Trilogy with individuals, leaders, groups, and organizations who are searching for concrete ways to usher in the new world.

Susan holds graduate degrees from Stanford and Northwestern universities in psychoneurology and communication disorders. She has worked as a specialist and researcher in communication and neurological disorders in Alaska, Illinois, and California, including serving as a research consultant for a study of neurophysiology in children with brain disorders at the University of California's Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute. In the 1970s, Susan co-founded and served as the chair of an innovative, nationally recognized clinical training program in neurological learning disorders at the University of the Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.

Susan's work has been cited in
countless publications of various disciplines. For over 50 years, she has served leaders and organizations worldwide as they come to view their service and leadership as a classroom for spiritual development and self-transformation – a classroom of the soul.


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