Living The Clarion Way: The Universal Tributes

The ten Universal Tributes provide a road map for attaining self-transformation through service.

The Clarion Way is the name given to the philosophical teachings of The Soul and Service Trilogy. As a psychospiritual school of thought and path, The Clarion Way awakens our inner knowing and guides us in applying that knowing in the world through service.  The Clarion Way shows us as individuals, leaders, group members, and organizations HOW to redirect our lives and our service within a holographic philosophical construct of a soul classroom – a curriculum comprised of the evolutionary stages of soul development, soul lessons, partnership of feminine and masculine principles, principles of group energy, and spiritual awakenings.

I have identified ten principles called Universal Tributes to assist individuals, leaders, organizations, and groups in using life experiences to awaken the soul and to establish congruence between inner motives and outer action. The Tributes provide a road map for attaining self-transformation through service.  First introduced at the Institute in 1991, they were published in Born to Serve (1997) and later incorporated in The Awakened Leader (2005) and The Clarion Call (2009).

The following is a summary of the essential nature of the Universal Tributes:

The word “tribute” refers to a gift given in gratitude, respect, and honor; giving a tribute requires intentionality. The Tributes are guidelines that help us serve with the purest possible intention.

Whether practiced in the soul classroom of an individual, leader, organization, or group, each of the Tributes and their eight tenets provides a road map for actualizing the unity of inner work and outer actions (service) and honors the partnership of the server and the served.

Practicing the Tributes requires a commitment to monitor and attend to the quality of our inner state while living and serving in the world.  With this inner focus, service becomes a means of purification, providing opportunities for investigating our motivations for serving and for removing the obstacles to inner peace.   Others serve us by mirroring back to us the nature and quality of our inner state, aspects of our unfinished business, and reminders of the reality of Divine Love.  We view reactions as projections and as motivators for doing inner work.  We may re-experience reverting to behaviors or beliefs we had thought healed.  Through our relationships with others, we serve and are served by others.  This mutuality of service is essential for our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The Clarion Way provides practical tools and guidance that support the awakening of the knowledge of our soul during a time of vast challenges in history – the current planetary transition from the Piscean to Aquarian era between the years 2008 and 2025.    During this challenging time, service is in the forefront of the minds and hearts of many individuals, leaders, organizations, and groups.   More than ever, service has become a natural, integral, and ongoing part of every aspect of life on our planet.  As individuals and groups, we are strong when we remember to focus on the quality of our mind, viewing service at this time on Earth as a powerful classroom for personal learning, healing, and growth.  At its purest, our service is unconditional; for our gifts to be freely received, they must be freely given.

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