The Clarion Way Programs Faculty

The Faculty of The Clarion Way Courses is made up of extensively trained and highly motivated volunteer members.  Members complete the Institute’s core six-month training in The Clarion Way before being invited to serve on the Faculty.

Through service, we become equal partners joined in a common purpose, rather than separated individuals doing something to one another... Joined in this way, we release something far greater than is otherwise possible: a holy relationship in which we support the emergence of each other's higher potential into a joint masterpiece.
~ Susan S. Trout, PhD, Born to Serve

In addition to meeting regularly as a group with the Director, faculty members themselves complete each of the courses they teach and subsequently serve as teachers to a faculty-member student in the same subject before working with enrolled students.  They apply the Institute’s holographic philosophy and structures to their course preparation and faculty leadership.

The Clarion Way Programs Faculty

Susan S. Trout, PhD, Director, The Clarion Way Programs

Faculty Members

Ann Benvenuto, Karen Clark-Stone, Carolyn Ducca, Maggie Scobie, and Iris Williams


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