Practical Applications and Tools for Inner Work

What "inner work" really means:
The little willingness needed to identify,
face, and dissolve past physical, emotional,
mental, and spiritual wounds
at a causal level,
to welcome the rewiring of our neurology,
to learn from our life experiences, and to
align our personal soul with the Divine.

~ Susan S. Trout, PhD

The Institute offers a number of practices, or healing modalities and tools, that provide the opportunity to turn inward and begin the journey of actualizing the soul’s destiny. Our classes and trainings in inner work (also referred to as “shadow work”), heart and will practices, meditation, centering and witnessing, energy work, self-care, Medicine Poetry, and Qigong, have been used by many people since the Institute’s founding in 1980.  These modalities are an integral part of our philosophy, which is based on two principles of personal development:

  • The participation in one’s own healing process (self-transformation), and
  • The willingness to extend unconditionally that healing to others (service).

By continually doing
my inner work,
I engender compassion for myself and others.
~ Susan S. Trout, PhD, Universal Tribute 4,
Tenet 1


A prerequisite to inner work is centering the body.  Centering practices expand our psychological space and enable us to connect with our inner strength.  You experience a sense of psychological spaciousness and stability when you bring your attention to the center of your body.

Try This Centering Practice:



All courses, conducted by phone and video conferencing, integrate healing modalities and practices.  Visit our courses page for a full list and descriptions of courses we offer by clicking HERE.

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